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You, Me, and Marie.

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You, Me, and Marie.

The first time I heard of “sparking” was six years ago while living in Washington DC. A friend texted me a cryptic message of this new-to-me verb, along with an accompanying picture of her dining room table covered with a disparate group of objects. The mother of two young daughters, I recognized many of the items– a disco ball, Taylor Swift t-shirts, Candyland, ice skates, a large Dr. Pepper piggy bank. But why were they grouped there on the table, and what was “sparking”? Upon my query, my friend answered simply: Marie Kondo.

I checked it out … the Kondo method… and was left feeling I was not entirely up for the task. The ultimate sentimentalist, I wanted to hang on to all the memories of what I called the “bows and scooter years.” Each drawing, each hello kitty diary with only three pages used… all reminded me of some very precious days.

But when a move to Denver, Colorado loomed a few short years later, the sentimentalist had to become the pragmatist. And once again, a friend suggested Marie Kondo, only this time in the form of a highlighted book stealthily dropped off on my front porch. So, I read… and …very quickly, was hooked. Kondo made sense. I was convinced (and willing to try) tidying as a tool not only to help me cope with the ordeal of packing up a life, but also to help me lovingly let go of what I didn’t have space for anymore. Surprisingly, many of the things I loved most I was happy to give away, share with others;  not surprisingly, I found many treasures I had lost under piles of everyday life… clothing and books that indeed needed to be repurposed and moved on to their next home. Kondo worked.

So as 2020 dawned, I picked up my highlighted book again. The timing couldn’t be better. New decade, new era, new launch…. time to be inspired by ones’ surroundings, ones' objects of daily living …. all affects how we greet the day… and our lives.

Happy Sparking,


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