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bright indigo blue silk and cotton neck scarf and wrap
bright indigo blue silk and cotton neck scarf and wrap
on model photo of brilliant blue indigo scarf around the neck
Close up view of silk and indigo scarf
Blue indigo scarf on model

Artisan Scarf in Hand Spun Silk and Cotton


Beautifully hand-dyed indigo silk and cotton scarves from our artisan collection - made only once a year in small runs.   Silk worms are fed and nurtured in the artisans home garden, allowing for the special process of spinning the silk by hand. The indigo dying process with silk allows for a vibrant, rich color of blue. These very special scarves are made by the entire family, with individual members tending to the silk, the natural dyes, the setting of the loom, the weaving, and finally, the masterful macrame detail.  Because of the nature of these works, they will always be a limited run.  Each scarf is absolutely unique.  

  • made in Oaxaca of hand spun silk 
  • naturally dyed with indigo and pomegranate 
  • 22" wide by 88" long 
  • hand woven macrame fringe is 7 1/2"
  • light, soft hand 
  • dry clean only