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Emily Henderson - Cornelia Lively Founder
Cornelia Lively began in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico years ago, when a short-term sabbatical became a long term love of all things uniquely rendered in both metal and textiles. Collaboration with master metalsmith artisans allowed for a business to be born, one that connected a family of creative Texas women: my mother, sister, and grandmother - Cornelia Lively.

That business, founded with a purely creative focus, today is reimagined with the startling knowledge that the fashion industry is second only to the petrochemical industry in environmental impact. This reality informs our commitment to artisans using natural dyes, pedal and backstrap looms, recycled metals, and renewable or organic fabrics. Most of all, we commit ourselves to empowering the artisans with whom we partner, and giving back to the communities in which we do business.


Emily Greer Henderson
Founder, Cornelia Lively