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On Finding Your Tribe

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On Finding Your Tribe

How often are you in the company of focused, determined, generous souls who may just be taking on a big cause?  Are you one of those souls yourself?   And, if  you are -the idealistic type, the “driven dreamer”- do you have within your circle of colleagues and friends, those who reflect back to you who you are at your best?   Those who remind you that you are not alone when you say to yourself, “I am willing, willing to keep “fighting the good fight”? 

For those of us who have committed our “good fight” in the realm of sustainable fashion, we were blessed last Thursday at TARRA Denver to find ourselves with like-minded, generous, razor-sharp entrepreneurs in this rather mysterious field of slow fashion.  And for one great evening, we were all speaking the same language, unified in our vision of meaning over mass, slow over fast, low impact over environmental stress.   It’s not an easy vision to execute.   Whether you are talking about packaging and shipping, or the cuttings created after fabric and pattern become one, the reality is shared:  it’s not easy to create without causing some measure of waste. 

But when women who lead, especially in this particular industry, gather to share ideas, to remind one another of the uniquely shared hopes and ideas around capsule clothing, fair wages, using natural dyes when available, creating limited runs, or creating made to order clothing - a real energy is born - one that encourages us all to keep going, and most of all, to stay creative.   Yes, there are always problems to be solved, but when you know that some really amazingly talented women are addressing the same problems with rigor and integrity, a “can-do” hope reigns. The aftermath, surely, of finding one’s tribe.

So to the women who made the TARRA Denver dream come alive, creating a supportive, beautiful private office and work club where events, networking and idea sharing take place, I have deep gratitude.   To the founders and business owners of  @theoulacompany, @mimshimstudio, @house.of.esc, and @midnightoil -your bravery and smarts will keep me inspired long into the future.   Most of all, I find comfort in knowing our common thread:  a love of individuality, a reverence for our mothers and grandmothers who had infinite style and grace, and a fierce knowledge that we can and must do better to take care of our planet, our families, and ourselves.  And, to all of those connectors like @anniebloj out there who make sure women meet, know one another, share ideas, grace, and grit - thank you. 

So, to finding your tribe, and to community - may the connections, and the building of a better future never end.




photo credits @capsulecommunications