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The Little Black Dress Goes Eco

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The Little Black Dress Goes Eco

The Sustainable Mission

The CL brand began with a mission - to create artisan works, both in jewelry and textiles, upon which a sustainable, easy, dynamite capsule wardrobe could be built.    

Thus, our jewelry is always designed and made in limited runs, and by nature, our naturally dyed textiles are one-of-a-kind.

So, why the City Dress?  How does this lovely USA-made beauty of a silhouette compliment our  broader mission? 


on model black dress

Its All in the Fabric

First and foremost, the dress is made of fabric you can trust if you care about moving toward sustainability.  We work with one of the most committed sustainable fabric suppliers in the industry.   From them we source our lush french terry composed of Tencel Lyocell, OEKO-TEX organic cotton, and spandex.   Although not a sustainable product (yet), spandex creates the stretch we need for comfort and elegance.   The facts are, the sustainability movement is just that - a movement.  The perfection we seek in all materials and production will take time.   



...And Solutions

To that end, we are always thinking of solutions.  In terms of fabric waste, one of the bigger issues with the clothing industry, we maximize fabric and maintain our cuttings for packaging.   Not entirely easy,  but if it is one thing of many our production team agrees on, fabric from our process ending up in landfills is just not ok. 



Keep it Real.  Keep it You.

So, our goal in the creation of our beloved City Dress, along with offering a sustainable wardrobe builder, is also offering an elegant monochromatic palette, one augmented by our unique, artisan-made CL products.   After all, by celebrating the individual, the hand-made, and the unique style that is yours, you also give others the gift of “telling your own story”.   

Wear it well - the CL "little black dress" is waiting for you. 


Emily and the CL Team


Photostory:  Mexico City